March Ministry Update

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Winter has passed and we’ve had a sprinkling of beautiful spring-like days. With leaves beginning to bud on the trees, a recent wedding and upcoming outdoor baptism planned, you can certainly say “spring is in the air”.

Linking hearts with a mission team

Recently a short term mission team from Kent State, Ohio was with us for a week. They spent time connecting with Eric, Marci and their family since the Asps will be moving to Kent in July to work closely with the ministry of h20. In addition, the team grew in their understanding about the human trafficking situation in Holland and around the world, through Not For Sale. We were blessed as they served Amsterdam50 by cooking dinner and joining us in celebration of our churches 9th Birthday.

The mission team also did outreach in the city as well as got to know more about our small groups and how we try to live life together for God’s Kingdom purposes. Three of the h20 STMers joined my community along with a German guest of one of our community members. They got a small taste of the multi-lingual, cross-cultural interaction we experience here in Amsterdam.

Front row (short term mission team members from Ohio): l to r, Andrew, TaKasha, Anna (credited for the photo); Back row (the SocailJustice50 Community): l to r, Linda, Renske, Franziska, Bianca (Franzi’s friend visiting from Germany), Nathalie, Nancy and Colby.

Please pray that God would grow all the seeds that were planted or watered through the mission team and that He would continue to encourage their hearts for the service they are called to in college ministry or abroad someday — all for His Glory!

Multiplying our lives

In my February ministry update Franziska’s life story was highlighted. It’s been exciting to see her grow in her faith walk. While her long-time school friend, Bianca, was visiting Franzi had many nice opportunities to be the “light” of Christ through doing our community bible study on Philippians together, talking about Franzi’s decision to follow Jesus, introducing her to other Christian friends and learning about God’s love through the life of Corrie ten Boom as they went to Haarlem where I guided them on a tour through the Ten Boom House. Bianca even took with her a free New Testament bible from the museum.

Our heart for the Great Commission means that we desire to learn from God’s Word, share it with others, and introduce the love and forgiveness of Jesus to those who haven’t yet experienced His redeeming love. This is what I’ve witnessed in Franzi’s life recently and it’s beautiful to see. Soon she’ll be expressing her faith commitment to Christ through baptism.

Please pray for Franzi’s passion and willingness to live a life reflecting Christ’s love to those around her. Pray for Bianca to come to know Jesus in a personal way. Also, pray for Franzi’s witness to her non-believing friends as she gets baptized the last Sunday in April. Thank you!

Cultural Connection

The highlight this time is BIKES!

As you may know, Amsterdam (and all of the Netherlands) is known for people getting around on bicycles.

I’ve been amazed at the different types and designs of bikes, as well as the practicality for hauling numbers of children, animals and belongings. Even how people roll their bikes in and out of their houses up and down the stairs is interesting. Enjoy…

Thank you for your prayers and investment into God’s Kingdom!

God bless you,