November-December Ministry Update 2015

Greetings from Amsterdam,

It’s hard to believe the end of another year is upon us. I’m full of thanksgiving and gratitude for all the Lord has done this year and I’m looking forward to His direction and guidance in 2016.

Answered Prayers

Oftentimes we’re not able to know the impact we may have had in someone’s life. Although, we know that we can plant seeds (of hope, faith and truth) and water those seeds; but only God causes the growth. I’ve had hundreds of conversations and thousands of prayers in the past year for people I’ve been ministering to, however many times fruit is not immediately seen or may never be known.

I appreciate your prayers over the months for my friend Janja. I journeyed very closely with her the last three months of her life. In the last update I shared about her situation with terminal brain cancer. Janja’s physical life came to an end on November 23rd, but not before she indicated a belief in what Jesus did on the cross as payment for her sins. Praise God for his Holy Spirit’s miraculous work in her heart and soul.

The night before she died, I visited her at the hospice and found her in coma, unable to wake her. It was so strange to see and hear Janja sleeping peacefully, knowing that she was slowly slipping away. I sang to her, talked to her, and another friend also came by her room. In the end when saying “good-bye”, incredibly she opened her eyes. What a surprise and sweet kindness of the Lord to give us that final moment of connection.

I was deeply touched to see how God moved to bring her to that place of peace in receiving his amazing grace! Thank you for helping to usher another soul into His Kingdom. There is victory in Christ!

Kenya for Christmas

I’m super excited to be making my 5th trip to minister to the orphan kids and the staff team in Karai. This year there will be 3 of us from Amsterdam50 who will be serving in Kenya (it’s an answer to prayer to not be going alone). One of the team members is Rony, whom you’ve prayed for over the past months as he moved back to Kenya. Thankfully, he will be joining us for a few days before he goes to spend Christmas with his family after being gone for 8 years.

In addition, Imelda (Dutch woman) will be joining on her first mission trip. Together I know we’ll make a great team. There are 4 new orphan children whom I’m looking forward to getting to know. As a part of the Christmas celebration the guardians (Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, etc) will be coming to the safe house for a party with the anticipated number being around 200! The kids will perform the Nativity Play and we’re trusting that God’s love will shine brightly through the story of Christ’s birth.

Please pray for safety during our journey (Dec 18-Jan 1), team unity and cohesiveness and that we’ll plant many seeds of God’s hope, truth and love along the way.

Financial Update

I am so grateful for your financial support all year! Even as I've had some amazing ministry, my finances for the year are short by $750 per month. If you're able to consider an increase in your regular giving or an additional gift by this December 31, 2015, it would really make a difference on meeting my shortfall, and would be so encouraging as I focus on the coming new year of ministry. Give at

You are a special partner in this gospel ministry–Thank You!

May your Christmas season be filled with a joyous celebration of Jesus and his love,

Reliant is the new name for Great Commission Ministries. Our mission agency is now called Reliant: same gospel mission, new name. I’m still fully committed to the same work in Amsterdam and thank you for your support! Learn more at