Currently, I am in the process of developing a Reliant ministry team to build financial and prayer support for my work in Europe. I need people from the U.S. to partner with since resources are not as available coming from such a small percentage of Nederlanders (and Western Europeans) who are Believers.

If you are interested in joining this team or finding out more about it, please email me at

To download a financial support form please click here

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If you are a returning donor, please click here

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of partnering with Reliant to grow God's Kingdom in Amsterdam.

If you reside in the Netherlands and would like to make a contribution via bank transfer, here is the information you need:

Stichting GC Netherlands, account number NL43ABNA0435966383, Amsterdam - ** When you set up the bank transfer please include 3 things: Linda Kitchen, "gift MTD", and the month of your giving. If you're interested you can set up an automatic payment which would occur at the beginning of each month.