April Ministry Update

Greetings from Amsterdam,

This month please join me in celebrating and praying for lives that God has touched and is touching in different ways.


The first week of April our team from Amsterdam joined with other GCM missionaries from around Europe for a retreat in Greece.  It's always a special time of connecting with one another through sharing ministry experiences, catching up on life and praying together.  We studied the letter Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, which is unique in that our plane landed in Thessaloniki and we were staying about 30 minutes away near the Kassandra peninsula.

One day while reading Thessalonians, God laid it on my heart to pray for the Christians there that their light would shine brightly and that God's Kingdom would grow in that part of the world.  I also prayed that I would be able to meet someone from Thessaloniki someday, perhaps even a descendant from those Paul met when he traveled through.  Later that day, I had a facial appointment in the hotel spa and the woman providing the treatment, Stella, was born and raised in Thessaloniki.  She and her family observe the Orthodox Easter and they celebrate by eating together.  There wasn't any mention of being a part of a church, but our conversation was rather short.


The next day I left a note and gospel tract for Stella, trusting that if God was opening her heart to His truths of why Jesus died on the cross and rose again that she may receive His amazing grace and love into her heart. Please pray for Stella and the church in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Also, this weekend, there are some special activities happening here in Amsterdam, which I'd like to bring to your attention.

  • Sunday, April 29th, 3 people from Amsterdam50 will be getting baptized. Please pray for Elliot Asp, Colby Dunn and Franziska Yasrebi.

    Elliot is 10 years old and has been a Christian since about age 4 or 5.  He has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity for publicly proclaiming his faith in this way.  It is special that his church family gets to experience this with him before his family moves back to America in a few months. Pray for Elliot's faith to shine brightly with his friends at school as well as the boys he plays basketball with every week.


    Colby was raised in a Christian home and spent 14 years in Christian schools.  Even though baptized in her youth, Colby has realized in her adult life that she truly has placed Jesus on the throne of her life and desires to share that witness through the act of baptism.  Her mother is visiting from America this week and will be a part of baptizing her.  Pray for blessings in Colby's life as she obeys God and for provision in ways she is able to use her faith to glorify Him.


    Franziska, as you know from last month's update, became a Christian in November.  Through being obedient to the Word of God she is taking the step of baptism on Sunday as a public profession of her faith. Pray for growth in her faith, understanding of God's Word and that her light so shines that others come to know Jesus and that the Lord is glorified through her life.

      Monday, April 30th is Queen's Day here in the Netherlands - a celebration of the Queen's Birthday. On this National holiday the streets become a huge flea market, the canals are filled with boats, and there are stages set up throughout the city for music and entertainment.  Some people from Amsterdam50 will be setting up a few different fundraising stands at and near our ministry center where people can have their face painted, do a strength finders test or use our toilet facilities.  Our hope is to raise hundreds of Euros for the orphans in Kenya.  Please pray that we'll have good conversations with the hundreds of people who come by, that we'll be a testimony of God's love throughout the day, and that we raise significant funds to help with the educational needs of our friends in Africa.

    Thank you for the blessing of your prayers.


    United with you for Jesus,