April Ministry Update

Greetings from Amsterdam,

In early April I had the blessing of being united with the other missionaries during our annual retreat with Great Commission Europe. The 5 days were filled with special conversations, powerful times of prayer, learning and seeking God’s Word and being refreshed. The Lord gave us a beautiful encouraging time together.

Update on Family News:

Thank you for praying for my parent’s recent visit. My father managed the stairs and walking like a champ, despite fighting against strong winds on several occasions. Thankfully he never fell down, although there were a few close calls. We had a fabulous time and I’m extremely grateful for the special memories we made together.

GCM–Our Mission Agency–Is Adopting a New Name:

For those of you who have financially supported me for many years, you've given each month towards Great Commission Ministries (GCM) who partners with our local church and ministry here in Amsterdam. GCM is the critical piece that helps make our local ministry possible: providing the strong financial accountability and missionary care so you can give with confidence.

GCM is sending announcements that they are changing their name! In 2015, GCM will be known as Reliant.

I am excited about the new name: it reflects how we are all dependent (Reliant!) on God as we take risks to give our money and lives for the gospel. Nothing happens unless God shows up!

Some could wonder if Reliant will still be committed to the Great Commission. We want to assure you that they are more committed than ever, and have seen growth over the last several years that has really expanded their impact for the gospel.

If you give automatically via LifeLink (credit card or bank direct debit), you don't need to make any changes to your giving. The ministry account and fund number remain secure and exactly the same. Eventually you will see "Reliant" appear on your bank statement.

If you give via paper check or via your own bank billpay, we ask that you start making your gift out to Reliant starting in May. The address remains the same. Check gifts need to be switched over to Reliant by July 31, 2015.

Nothing else is changing: Our church remains Amsterdam50 and my focus remains clear with 100% commitment to the purpose of making disciples through reaching out to the lost here in the Netherlands. I am excited to now be a "Reliant missionary." And I couldn't be more thankful to have you as continued partners in prayer and support.

Thank you for your prayers and unity for God’s Kingdom work.

All for His glory,