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April-May Ministry Update

Greetings from Amsterdam,

I would appreciate your continued prayers for our refugee ministry and for my upcoming travels.

Refugee Ministry Prayer Requests

  1. The Lord's peace and hope to radiate deeply in the hearts and souls of those refugees still waiting on their status. The unknown future has been heavy for them. Some are seeking new lawyers after receiving negative decisions from Immigration.
  2. We pray for more laborers in the gospel, specifically men and Believers with a Muslim background.
  3. Continued follow up opportunities with the newcomers we've met this year and a deepening connection with those we regularly meet with
  4. The Holy Spirit drawing many to Himself resulting in a growing church here in Amsterdam
  5. Find and disciple more 'persons of peace' who will eventually lead Discovery Bible Study groups

Plans/Schedule while in U.S.

This year I’ll be on furlough from May 10th – July 10th. I will be spending the first few days with my parents in Arizona. I’m very excited to spend Mother’s Day with my mom for the first time in 12 years. At the end of my trip I’ll have 3 weeks with family. I’m so grateful for this special time together.

I’ll be on the support-raising trail for 4 weeks with the goals of raising $500 in monthly support and $4000 in special gifts. If you’re a current donor with Reliant Mission on a regular basis, please prayerfully consider increasing your giving. It’s also a goal to meet new individuals or churches with an interest in partnering together for God’s Kingdom work both through prayer and financial giving.

Theses are the locations where I’ll be sharing about this ministry. Please join me if you’re in the area.

May – Arizona, SE Michigan and NE Indiana

  • May 19th - The Grove Coffee Shop 6:30-8:00 PM, located at The Grove Church, 2777 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler, AZ; You’re invited to attend the 5pm worship service beforehand, if interested.
  • May 20th -22nd – Greater Phoenix area
  • May 24th – 26th Southern Michigan
  • May 27th – Zion Missionary Church, Fremont, IN – Sunday breakfast presentation at 9:00 AM
  • May 29th – 30th – North central Ohio

June – SW New York, Ohio and Arizona

  • June 1st – Dutch Village lunch presentation at 12:00, Clymer, NY
  • June 3rd – Clymer United Methodist Church & tentatively Clymer North UMC, Clymer, NY
  • June 6th through 11th – Central Ohio
  • June 16th and 17th – - Munds Park Community Church, Munds Park, AZ – Saturday evening & Sunday morning services

Contact me for additional information. Also, feel free to email to set up an individual appointment. Please pray for God’s provision: safety while traveling, financial needs raised, and special time with family.

20 year Reflection

It’s been very special over the first quarter of 2018 to reflect on what the Lord has done over the past 20 years of ministry. Below are reflections from April 2012 and May 2000.

20 year Reflection ~ April 2012

I had the privilege to be involved in spreading the gospel throughout the world by providing tours at the Corrie ten Boom Museum, known as “the Hiding Place” from April 2012 to May 2017. What a joy it was to speak the truth of God’s Word to a captive audience all day long through the life and testimony of Corrie ten Boom and her love for Jesus. It was so encouraging to have people from all over the world hearing about God’s love, forgiveness, provision, direction and His heart for Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

Only the Lord knows the impact, but I pray the seeds of truth that were planted with come to fruition through salvation. Here are a few of the responses written in the museum guestbook following my tours:

“You bring God’s blessings in your presentation, Linda; a beautiful reminder of Corrie. Thank you.”
– J. & T. LeGro, Alfred, NY

“A wonderful experience and an impressive, touching and powerful story! Thank you so much!”
– Z. Mangi, China

20 year Reflection ~ May 2000

This month we celebrated a remarkable year in ministry at University High School. Looking back I still get goose bumps thinking of the impact we were able to have on teenagers in Orlando. Through outreaches, classroom talks, team talks, surveys, etc. there were 3,714 exposures of giving students opportunities to hear how they could begin a personal relationship with Jesus.

From those exposures, our staff was able to share the gospel one-on-one with 223 people, which does not include the times our students shared their faith. Through those opportunities we know of 99 students who accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior [37 at outreaches, 50 during personal one-on-one, & 12 others!] in addition, throughout the year there were approximately 200 students in discipleship with us through bible studies, small groups, etc. How exciting!!

One of the faculty members shared about a visit to her office from a young female student, who has been involved in witchcraft. The student told her that she couldn't explain the change that had taken place in the "Cage". This is a fenced in area next to the cafeteria where many Gothic students hang out, and an area that many of us have been fervently praying over. The girl said something was different, nothing was happening, and no occult groups were meeting there anymore!

Here is a further glimpse of God’s sovereignty on campus this year. School Administrator testimony:

  • suicides were cut in half;
  • violence was down;
  • drug use was down;
  • no school-related deaths occurred (first time in 10 years), and
  • visits to her office to deal with personal problems were down one-third.

The Lord works in powerful ways and I continue to trust and hope in lasting fruit for the teenagers I ministered to from ’98-‘03.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

God bless you,