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August 2005 Prayer Letter

Battles in Amsterdam

Battles – Spiritual Warfare – in the city of Amsterdam:

Todd (one of Zolder 50’s Pastors) encountered a young man named, Andrew, while doing ministry in the Red Light District. Without a doubt, this connection opened the doors for Todd to “see” what is happening in our city in the spirit realms… not just hear about it, or read published articles, but to actually come in contact with someone who is fighting FOR the enemy. That’s right, Andrew said he was in the city along with the legions to try and lead as many people as he could to Hell, by turning them away from Jesus. WOW! The battle is real! Are we standing together and fighting? Please “fight” with us through prayer… for protection, for strength, and for the truth of God’s love to be spoken.

Battles for the lives of youth:

From August 27 – September 4, I will be working with an Athletes in Action project, reaching out to youth in West Amsterdam. The focus will be to attract young people (6-18 years old) to a sports camp that a local church is sponsoring where for 5 days we will be providing athletic skills training. I am thrilled, of course, to be instructing the basketball portion of the camp. In addition, the youth will watch dramas and hear our testimonies about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for spiritual protection over the youth and that their hearts will soften toward the message of God’s love. In addition, pray for the church’s efforts for continuing the outreach after the project is complete.

Personal Battle:

A few weeks ago I experienced a very painful time in my life when my cat, Bagheera, passed away. She was only 2.5 years old and a very special comfort in a strange land. I carried her with me on the airplane the day we moved to Amsterdam. Bagheera was filled with love, gentleness and affection. Everyday I was blessed by her sweet spirit and her desire to sit on my lap in the red chair while I read the bible. Having her ripped out of my life has resulted in weariness and sorrow. Through God's love and grace I’ve been given strength. And the prayers of others have provided much comfort. Thank you for lifting up my grieving heart and supporting me in this.

“My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.” Psalm 119:28

Bagheera’s death is somewhat mysterious, although it seems as if an inflamed pancreas was the initial cause of the 4 days of her quickly deteriorating health. It seems as if I have experienced a blow from the enemy. Who is our enemy? Someone we’re in conflict with, opposed to, or against. I believe the spiritual darkness (enemy) doesn’t want me here in this city sharing the love of Jesus. Please pray for healing in my heart and for God to strengthen my effectiveness as a missionary. I’ve been called to press on in this fight … I’m not turning back! Eric, a Zolder 50 Pastor, wrote a story of his family’s experience related to Bagheera’s death…I was blessed by his reflection. Check out by clicking here.

Thank you for your love and support,