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Merry Christmas

My heart is full of Thanksgiving. While counting my blessings I am reminded of the many special friends and family members who are so precious to me! This time of the year is something I look forward to all year as I visit with my family in Indiana over Christmas and most recently in Phoenix for Thanksgiving.

At the end of this month, I will be joining close to 2000 young people from all over the world for our Ignite convention. (www.gcmignite.org) Please pray that God would bless all those who attend.

High School outreach:

In the last prayer letter I asked you to pray for the University HS Swim Team. Well, God has been moving. Thank you for your prayers!! Two teens shared their testimony and the gospel message at a Pizza Party after a swim team practice, where 18 of the 24 team members were present. Since that time 6-10 students have met with me weekly for a bible study. Please pray that the teens will accept what they heard about God's love for them and that they will understand that He desires to know them personally.

Witnessing teens growing in their faith has been a thrill this Fall. Recently at a bible study, we discussed how to get along better with siblings and looked to scripture for insight (Ephesians 4:32). Afterwards, a few of the comments I heard were "I have a lot of work to do to apply what I've learned" and "that helped me to know what the Bible says about how I should treat my brother, but it will be challenging (to follow through)". Javier, a Junior, was eager to become a part of the bible study and expressed that he is challenged to live his life more for God and has asked questions like, "How do we share with people about God?"

Please pray for: Stephanie, Rick, Ryan, Rachel, Jeff, Kathleen, Colleen, Desiree H, Amy V, AJ, Desiree P, Amy P, and Javier.

Staff Retreat:

Earlier this month our staff team took an overnight retreat to the Gulf Coast with 2 objectives in mind:

  1. To grow closer to God
  2. To grow closer to one another

It has been a tremendous blessing to be a part of a staff team here in Orlando where everyone is eager to be used by God to see the next generation reached for Jesus. In late January, we hope to be re-launching our Thursday night service targeted for the unchurched. Please pray that God will continue to unite us as a team and bless those we reach out to through our ministry.

May God bless you and your family during this special holiday season as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May His joy, peace and hope fill you always.

Your partnership through your prayers and support is making an eternal difference.

Abundantly thankful,