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February Ministry Update

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Corrie ten Boom writes, “When you bring God’s Word to others, you must maintain the horizontal and the vertical connection with both them and the Holy Spirit. Pray in your heart for the guidance, insight, and wisdom you need.” (Each New Day, Feb 18)

With my special friend, Lilian Wanjiku Muchiri, 12 yrs. old – a bright girl with a passion for Jesus!

Thank you for the prayers you provided for my 2 week trip in December to Kenya. The Lord answered, was very present and through His Spirit allowed me the ability to speak into the lives of the orphans and staff in multiple ways. To God be the glory!

“I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict.” - Luke 21:15 RSV

Enjoy a glimpse of the wonderful time I had with these beautiful people: [you may click on several videos below to give you a Kenyan flavor of my experience]

Just prior to my departure many from Amsterdam50 met together to sing Christmas carols and to make ornaments for the orphans. The kids LOVED the decorations that A50 made – and all 32 orphans were provided with a personalized ornament to hang on the tree!

The kids loved decorating the dining hall and main house. And, on Christmas Eve they celebrated by singing with Elijah – their “dad” and director of the safe house.

On the left, George, 2nd yr HS, is receiving his ornament to hang on the tree.

For the second year the kids performed a Nativity play at their local church – again they were a hit! In addition to their performance they also sang Joy to the World and Silent Night (seen here below following the play) in both English and Kikuyu.

Throughout the 2 weeks we enjoyed singing, reading, writing Christmas cards for their guardians, working on puzzles, harvesting vegetables to eat and sell as well as making crafts: snowflakes and paper chains for decorations. Even though there were many days it rained, we still were able to play Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball.

All the oldest girls helped make Christmas lunch/dinner (being served in photo below). They had a great time dancing while making the infamous and much loved Chapati in the cook house/kitchen!

I was very warmly welcomed back at the CRCA (Community Recovery Centre Africa) for the third time as part of the family. This ongoing relationship allowed for deeper heart-to-heart conversations and an ever growing level of trust.

One of the highlights was offering a book/Bible study that took place with 13 of the older girls and 2 of the adult caretakers through the book, Giftwrapped By God. We met together almost daily and the Lord showed up powerfully revealing His love and plan for these young ladies' lives regarding their purity and sexuality.

Great penetrating and heartfelt questions were asked by the girls and they received Biblical truth of God’s view of how precious they are and who He made them to be along with an understanding of the choices they have for living a righteous future. We addressed a serious topic that their culture does not discuss, which resulted in amazing blessings.

Beautiful Giftwrapped By God group, seated (l to r): Lucy, Grace, Mary; standing (l to r): Mary, Faith, Sylvia, Mary, Caroline, Carol, Agnes, Linda and Mary. Missing from the photo: Teresiah and Mary

Here are some examples of how the book study impacted their lives:

“Being brought up in the African culture I have always known that discussing sex was not okay. However, I have now learned that by talking about it we get to know the rights and wrongs. The fact that the Bible talks so much about sex is really amazing.” – C, age 20

“I learned that I am a gift from God and that God gave my body as a gift that one day I will give to my husband.” – M, age 16

“I am special and wonderfully created by God. My sexuality is a special gift from God worth respecting and protecting.” – T, age 15

“God is good because He is giving me guidance when I am almost going down the wrong path. Sex done in the wrong time can lead to unwanted pregnancy, school dropout and it may lead to ill health (i.e. HIV/AIDS)” – M, age 17

“God gave me the gift of sex and it is sacred. I should be very keen in order to avoid being misled by the world’s view of sex. God’s statement about sex is my stand!” – G, age 20

It was super exciting to see the CRCA kids growing in their faith. Mary Wambui Mugo (17 yrs old) shared with me some of the songs she wrote in the past year. Every day she loves spending time with Jesus! One Sunday at church Mary sang “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart” and it was beautiful to see her moved to tears as the words flowed… [below are 2 of the verses translated from Swahili to English]

"Since Jesus came into my heart;
    To stay with me;
        There is no more darkness but always light;
            With Jesus My Savior.
I will not fear at all because Jesus is with me forever;
    In the doors of heaven He will be my guide;
        Because He paid it through His blood.
Chorus: Peace in my heart;
    With Jesus, my Savior;
        I’m not afraid at all; Because He is with me in my heart.”

Please Pray:

  • Elijah and Dorcas Wachira, directors – health and wisdom
  • Jane, house parent - guidance and direction
  • 2013 School year – academic success and provision of sufficient funds

  • Celebrating my Birthday with these special Kenyan friends was a treat!
  • Each orphan – continued growth and understanding of how special and unique they are.
    Also, that they experience healing from past emotional and sexual wounds.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you in abundance!

Serving a Great and Loving God with you,