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February-March Ministry Update 2014

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Unlike most friends and family in the United States, we didn’t have any snow or ice this winter in Amsterdam. However, we certainly experienced the normal wind, rain and cold. Spring came early this year (very early March) and we’ve enjoyed a number of very nice sunny, blue skied days despite the continued cool temperatures. My cats have thoroughly enjoyed lying in the sun beams.

Kingdom Focus

The Book of Matthew is what Amsterdam50 has been studying together so far this year. Please pray that we would be growing in the “Kingdom” values of forgiveness, living “free” in Christ, serving others, being the light of Jesus in the world, wearing ‘kingdom’ clothes or glasses so that our perspective or mindset is a kingdom view and not a worldly view.

In Matthew 22, we talked about regardless of our background or gifting, God desires that we put on “kingdom glasses” allowing us to see where God is at work, so that we can join Him and have His perspective.

Our prayer and hope is that each heart will desire to live out our Kingdom purposes of being disciple makers through sharing the Good News and being a light in the darkness.

Nancy (from my Community small group) and me wearing our Kingdom glasses.

Home Service

2014 is the year for my next furlough or home service. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as I begin to make plans for traveling around America while connecting with ministry partners and raising support. It is always challenging to know which locations to prioritize based on the opportunities for fundraising. My furlough begins with a family vacation week in late July.

Thank you for uniting with me in prayer.

All for His Glory,


Cultural Connection

“Stemming” is what voting is called in the Netherlands.

On the 19th of March I experienced my first ever voting opportunity, which takes place every 4 years. There were 27 party choices on the ballot for the city of Amsterdam and 10 for the part of the city where I live. Now that’s diversity! Based on the number of votes determines the number of seats, if any, that party will have in parliament.

Billboard outside my voting location (stembureau) which also happens to be where I took Dutch classes. You can see posters on the board representing all 27 political parties, ranging from Animal Rights Party, Labor Party, and Socialist/Communist Party to People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, as well as Christian Union.