July-August Ministry Update 2011

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Our trek and adventures took place in the Mon Viso wilderness, SW of Torino, Italy.

It’s been an interesting summer here because most of the time it’s felt like autumn, but there have been a few summer-like days for which I’ve been thankful. I chose to stay in Europe for vacation this year.

My adventures included visiting with relatives in Austria and also experiencing an amazing 5 day backpacking trip in the Italian Alps with Into the Wilderness.

Can you spot me? It’s my first ever outdoor rock climbing experience--FUN, but a bit scary!

New Serve the City season

After evaluating the summer edition we are now currently working on introducing new people to the Serve the City Core Team. Beginning in September we’ll be launching into our next edition, which will be held on 11/11/11 -- more to come later on this world-wide serving day. For now, please pray for the Core Team — that we’ll be united, focused, and function well in our different roles to accomplish what God has for us in serving the city of Amsterdam.

Necessary support raising focus

Earlier this summer I made a shift in my work schedule in order to focus up to 20-25 hours a week on support raising. I don’t like the idea of stepping away from ministry opportunities but the huge challenge I’m currently facing in the area of financial support requires it.

Within the last month all the ministry partners who regularly give to Great Commission Ministries received a personal letter from me describing my current financial situation. For those receiving this update as a prayer partner or if you’ve given a special gift to GCM for the work I’m doing in missions, I’d appreciate your prayers and consideration for your involvement.

For thirteen and a half years I’ve been serving the Lord in full-time ministry and He continues to lead me forward in devotion to reaching out to others in the areas of discipleship, evangelism and helping the poor and needy.

For more than a decade I’ve been amazed and extremely blessed for the generous giving and faithful prayer of individuals, families, and churches from the United States–my main ministry team, along with a few faithful partners in Holland. I am so thankful for that special partnership, which provides the practical and spiritual foundation enabling me to be a part of the ministry work here in Amsterdam through GCM. Thank you!

Over the past 9 months my monthly support has significantly fallen off to where I need to raise over $1400 in monthly support, which is about 950 Euros (with the exchange rate) in order to get back to 100%.

I’m not sure how I’m going to meet this need, but thankfully we serve a big God who knows. Please prayerfully consider what part you may be able to play through prayer, regular giving or a special gift to GCM, as well as passing along names of others who may have an interest in seeing the gospel spread in Europe.

I hope to reach my goal by November. Thanks for praying with me for God’s provision.

Cultural Connection - "city nature/gardens"

I grew up in a country atmosphere with a lot of space for flower gardens. Therefore, for me it is a unique experience to see how people “garden” and enjoy nature in the city. Here are some classic examples in front of apartments, on bridges, along canals, on balconies, etc. Perhaps you can spot my balcony flowers...

In God’s grace and peace...

Serving Him with you,