July-August Ministry Update

Greetings from Amsterdam,

Soon I will be flying west “over the pond” for my 6th furlough since living overseas. My first home service leave was a decade ago and I’ve been making this trek every other year since.

During months of preparation, I often begin experiencing reverse culture shock even before stepping foot on American soil. Literally my mind and thoughts are on two continents, in multiple time zones while I try to organize life, ministry and my pets that I’m leaving behind in Amsterdam as well as the myriad of appointments I’ll experience all over the United States in the coming months.

At the end of this update, in the “Cultural Connection” section, you’ll get a glimpse of a unique aspect seen here in Amsterdam (compared to the U.S.).

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now…. you all are partakers of grace with me.” - Philippians 1:3-5, 7b


...or in Dutch, verlof, can be defined as: an authorized temporary leave of absence.

Reliant Mission highly encourages International missionaries to take a leave from the mission field every 2 years in order to see family & friends as well as to raise the necessary financial support in order to stay fully funded while on mission in the foreign land.

Because of the hundreds of prayer partners and 7 dozen financial donors (churches and individuals) I have been privileged enough to be in partnership with you in the gospel and on the front lines in full-time ministry for nearly 19 years, beginning with HS Ministry in Orlando, FL back in 1998 and here in the Netherlands since late 2003.

Plans/Schedule while in U.S.

I will be spending the first month with family members in Arizona and partaking in a 7-day bike tour across Iowa, known as RAGBRAI. Ever since my University days I’ve wanted to do this tour, so I’m thrilled at the opportunity especially since I will be on this adventure my sister (our first bike tour together).

After that time I’ll be on the support raising trail for about 2 ½ months. I’m in need of raising $700 in monthly support. If you’re a current donor with Reliant Mission on a regular basis, please prayerfully consider increasing your giving. It’s also a goal to meet new individuals or churches with an interest in partnering together for God’s Kingdom work both through prayer and financial giving.

Below are the locations that I know of at this time where I’ll be sharing about this ministry. Some dates are “tentative”, as I’m still working on confirming with several pastors and mission committees.

August — Arizona

August 20th & 21st - Munds Park Community Church, Munds Park, AZ — Saturday evening & Sunday morning services
August 26th — Open House, Gilbert, AZ

September - Indiana

September 4th — tentative Hope Missionary Church, Bluffton, IN or Selma Christ United Methodist Church, Selma, IN
September 11th — Zion Missionary Church, Fremont, IN — Sunday morning breakfast presentation
September 18th — Lagro United Methodist Church, Lagro, IN — Sunday morning service
September 19th — Open House in Wabash, IN
September 25th - tentative Hope Missionary Church, Bluffton, IN or Selma Christ United Methodist Church, Selma, IN

October — Ohio, New York (western side of state) and Florida

October 2nd — tentative Clymer United Methodist Church & Clymer North UMC, Clymer, NY
Early October — traveling through Ohio
October 17th — tentative Open House in Winter Springs, FL
October 23rd — h20 in Orlando, FL

I hope you’re able to join me at one of the services in your area. Please contact me for additional information. Also, feel free to email me to set up an individual appointment. See email address below.

Please pray for God’s provision: safety while traveling, special time with family and financial needs raised.

Cultural Connection — Autos in the city

As you may know, Amsterdam is a city basically built on water with narrow canal streets and many bridges resulting in very little space for automobiles/trucks. Within the city center, there are parking spaces along the canals (sometimes with nothing to prevent the car from going into the canal except good brakes), but rarely an actual parking lot. One might think that being a European city, there may be only small cars for the tight spaces, but I’ve been surprised over the years to also see some larger vehicles, which are more common in America.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Being united with people all over the world for God’s glory is a huge blessing!

God bless you,