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June Ministry Update

Greetings from the United States,

Thank you for your prayers as I’ve crisscrossed the country while on furlough support raising and seeing family. The Lord has been my refuge of safety along the way and allowed me to have numerous wonderful connections with past and new partners in ministry, as well as special times with family and friends.

I praise God for His continued faithfulness and provision of prayer and financial giving through churches and individuals with a heart for seeing the gospel spread throughout the world. It’s such a privilege to be partnered with hundreds of Jesus Followers. By the power of Christ, souls are being ushered into His Kingdom.

Recently a portion of Living Water, by Brother Yun, touched my heart when thinking about our ministry to the refugees in Amsterdam, who are from Muslim background countries.

“More than a billion Muslims in the world today have yet to bathe in the streams of God’s living water. Our Lord Jesus loves every one of them, and He longs to know them a His children. Nothing is more certain than He will bring out of these nations a powerful body of blood-bought Christians. I believe God is going to bring countless millions of Muslims into His kingdom before Jesus returns.
… Are Muslims any more difficult for God to reach than the Chinese were, or you were before you came to know Him? All the Muslims need is to taste and see the living water of God. Do you realize that the overwhelming majority of Muslims have never once heard the good news that Jesus came and died for them so that they can be free? If you had never heard the gospel in your entire life, would you be any better off than a Muslim today? It is only by the grace of God that anyone’s life becomes transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ.”

Please pray that many of our refugee friends would be transformed by the gospel of Jesus. And, that they would then share the truth of God’s love with their family and countrymen to fulfill the Great Commission.

20 year Reflection ~ June 2017

I was blessed to baptize a young Iraqi refugee last year this month. It’s truly a privilege to witness life change and be a part of not only seeing refugees put their faith in Christ and be obedient in baptism, but also to see them growing as disciples of Jesus through Discovery Bible Studies and prayer which is developing a passion in them to see others reached for Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and giving,