June-July Ministry Update 2010

Greetings from Amsterdam,

There has been much “sporting” excitement in the Netherlands these past few months. What hoopla!


First of all, in May Amsterdam was the host city for the first two stages of the Giro de Italia bike race including an Individual Time Trial as well as the first stage race. I was at the finish line of the time trial to see the racers complete their 8.4 km race in less than 11 minutes--incredibly fast!

Then the next morning I rode out near Schiphol airport to watch the peloton WIZ by in less than 10 seconds after seeing 3 riders in an early breakaway group with a 30 second lead. (photo below) They raced 209km that day to Utrecht.

Over the July 3rd-4th weekend the city of Rotterdam hosted the first two days of Le Tour de France, including an 8.9 km prologue and then the first stage race from Rotterdam to Brussels, Belgium. It was impressive to see Lance Armstrong (who finished 4th at 22 seconds slower than the winner) and others speed by only a few arms lengths away. The fastest riders were cruising at about 34 mph average while maneuvering through seven nearly 90 degree turns throughout the course. When crossing over Erasmus Bridge prior to the race a team of riders were practicing on the course and I was able to quickly snap the photo below.

However, even though this is a cycling nation and people bike everywhere all the time, the biggest hype lately has been the World Cup — of course, here in Europe football (soccer) is HUGE!


Since the Netherlands have made their way into the World Cup Final which has been decades in waiting, 32 years to be exact, the country has been electric with excitement! Orange is...

...everywhere--from decorated cafés to individual homes! After the quarter final and semi-final wins Amsterdam was buzzing with excitement. While cycling home, bike bells were ringing, horns beeping and random people extending hands for high-fives along the bike paths while shouting out cheers to one another. A joyous occasion, for sure! Too bad they couldn’t bring home the World Cup crown.

Answered Prayers

Thank you for praying for Jenny and the Serve the City project. In order to complete the painting job an extra day was required, so it ended up being a 3 day project. I and 3 colleagues painted all the trim about a week after the StC project. I trust that God will continue to soften Jenny’s heart to His love for her.  She was blown away by the act of kindness that was extended to brighten up her home.

After quite a long time of seeking out the truth of Christianity, recently 2 young men decided to put their faith in Jesus. Please pray for spiritual protection as they begin living their lives with Jesus as Lord. May God bear much fruit through their changed hearts! We are trusting in Him for more transformed lives.

Back in March I requested prayer for one of my cats, Akela. Thank you for your prayers. He is doing very well and every month we’re tapering him off of the corticosteroid bit by bit. It’s been determined that he has auto-immune diseases called Panniculitis and Vasculitis, which are inflammations of the subcutaneous fat /blood vessels. The dermatologist does not recognize any triggers for the inflammation and is hoping the steroid treatment will get his immune system back on the right track.

Please pray with me that he will continue to do well with taking the medicine and that the disease will not resurface after the steroid treatment is finished. These precious boys, Akela (left) and Rama, celebrated their 3rd Birthday on July 4th. I’m so thankful for their companionship. ☺

Upcoming Furlough

I will be in America very soon visiting with family, friends and ministry partners from July 14 to October 13. I am looking forward to vacationing with my family and celebrating my parents 50th wedding Anniversary. Then, in August I will begin support raising where I hope to meet personally with many of you as well as be able to share what God has been doing in Amsterdam.

Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to catch up with you (i.e. anyone reading this update), at least by telephone. If you’re interested in personally connecting, and we haven’t already set something up, please send me an email — and hopefully we can make arrangements to meet up or talk at a time that’s convenient for you. I’ll have a phone once I get to the U.S. but don’t have a number yet.

Here are some public events that you’re welcome to attend, if nothing else works out to connect on the personal level:

  • Southwestern New York State: Aug. 2nd in Clymer, NY — luncheon at the Dutch Village Restaurant
  • Central Indiana:
    • Aug. 8th Fremont United Methodist Church — 9am Sunday school; 10am service
    • Aug. 15th Selma Christ United Methodist Church — 6pm service
    • Aug. 22nd Hope Missionary Church in Bluffton — 9am & 10:30am services as well as 9am Sunday school class
    • Aug. 29th Lagro United Methodist Church — 9am service; 10am Sunday school; Dinner following Sunday school
    • Oct. 10th Zion Missionary Church in Fremont —9am Sunday cafe; 10am service
  • Central Florida: In mid- September (12th) I will hopefully speak at h2o, as well as First Baptist Church of Winter Park
  • Tempe, Arizona: In early October (3rd) I am hoping to connect with folks at St. Matthews United Methodist Church

Finally, it’s good for you to know that I’m looking to raise approximately $500/month in new support and about $6,500 in special gifts during my home service this summer. Thus, if you know of any other people who might be interested in hearing about my ministry in Amsterdam, I would be very grateful for your help in networking.

Please pray for all the logistics involved with traveling around America for 3 months, as well as all the bases being covered in Amsterdam while I’m away, including good care for my pets.

United with you for His Kingdom,