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June-July Ministry Update

Greetings from American soil,

I had planned to send this update from Amsterdam a few weeks ago, but now it’s coming to you from northern Indiana. I arrived in the US on July 15th and am looking very forward to spending time with family whom most I haven’t seen for two years. After four years, the entire Kitchen family will be together for a week vacation ~ special and blessed times ahead!

Linda goes Furlough

As of mid-July, I am now officially on a 3 month furlough. The opportunity every two years to reconnect with family and friends, as well as the 2 months of meeting with ministry partners and sharing updates in person first took place was back in 2006, which now makes this my fifth furlough experience.

From August until mid-October I’ll be traveling around America to meet with current and hopefully new ministry partners. It would be wonderful to cross many paths. If I’m in “your neck of the woods” and you’d like to get together, please let me know. It is heart breaking to not have the time to get to every city and state where ministry partners live, all over this great land. But, I do hope to see as many as possible.

Current schedule and speaking engagements in broad strokes

Western New York state: August 1-3 [Clymer North and Clymer United Methodist on the 3rd]

Northern Ohio: August 3-5 [Kent, Bellville, Findlay]

Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan: August 5 - 19 [Fremont United Methodist on the 10th, Lagro United Methodist on the 17th]

Arizona: August 21 – September 4 [Munds Park Community Church on the 24th]

Missouri: September 5-9 [Columbia on 6th; visiting at Liberty United Methodist near Kansas City on the 7th and speaking at a Bible Study group on Monday evening the 8th]

Central Indiana/Ohio: September 12-22 [at Selma Christ UMC on the 21st]

Florida: September 22-28

Indiana/Ohio: October 2-13 [Hope Missionary Church, Bluffton, IN on the 5th; Zion Missionary Church, Fremont, IN on the 12th]

Amsterdam bound: October 14th

If you’re available to get together when I’m in your area, please email (linda.kitchen@gcmweb.org) or call (260-243-2519).

Annual Report

I could not be on mission for the Lord without your prayers and financial partnership. Because of you God’s Kingdom is growing in beautiful ways in Holland and many other places in the world. The people I come in contact with in Amsterdam transition to all reaches of the earth. Our church is like a “revolving door, where we equip, bless and send on a very regular basis. Truly the Great Commission being lived out.

It’s through our partnership with Great Commission Ministries that this is possible. Our mission agency has published their most recent annual report at www.gcmweb.org/amr. This year the report is only available online. If you would like a hard copy, however, let me know. Thank you for your generosity!

Looking forward to crossing paths in the next few months.

God bless you,