March Ministry Update 2010


Spring has sprung here in Amsterdam! It’s so refreshing to see the bulb flowers popping up around the city and to enjoy a few sun filled warmer days recently.

Special Visit

Several weeks ago we were blessed to have some members of the GCM Board visit us in Amsterdam! Typically I am always encouraged by the "breath of fresh air" a visitor brings. To have fellow Americans and Christian brothers (from the GCM Board) here to actually see and experience my life in a "hands on" sort of way brings a sense of needed comfort. Knowing that others are able to personally envision what it's like here in Amsterdam and for them to meet people that I interact with on a regular basis in our church provides me with an invaluable sense of unity. It helps me to know I'm not alone and that our GCM missionary team isn't alone in the work we're doing either.

Thank you to the GCM Board for spending a few days with us and for encouraging the Body of Christ at Amsterdam50.

Annual Great Commission Europe Missionary Retreat

The last week in March our team from Amsterdam will be joining with the other GCE missionaries in Bled, Slovenia. In addition to the rest and relaxation that naturally comes with this retreat I always look forward to the unity that takes place through storytelling, praying together and sharing what God is doing in both personal ministry and the church-wide ministries we’re all involved with.

As a GCE team we will also be discussing the appropriate systems and structures needed to sustain the growth that God has generously blessed us with in working with Europeans. Please pray that we continue to have ‘one mind’ as we plan for taking the gospel to the peoples of Europe in more cities and countries.

When our movement first entered Europe years ago, our goal was to awaken disciple-making and church planting throughout Europe. Our hope continues to be that this focus and vision would be contagious amongst the indigenous people. Not only are there Europeans reaching their own people, but some of the GCE churches are being completely led by Europeans who see it as their goal to play their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Please join with us in praying for and celebrating more and more indigenously-led churches!

Personal Note

Over the past 2 ½ years I’ve been blessed with the companionship of my two cats. However, ever since Akela was 8 months old he has struggled with some health problems that at times have been quite severe. Up until this point no one, including the dermatologist specialist, seems to know what is causing his condition. Thankfully, about 2 weeks ago Akela began taking a corticosteroid that has completely cleared up the wounds and all the swelling has stopped. The hair is growing back where it was missing and overall he is behaving like the sweet animal he is. We still don’t know what has caused the condition, although one thought is that it is a type of auto-immune disease. Please pray that answers can be found in order for proper treatment to take place and ultimately for his complete healing.

Photo: In front, Akela; with brother Rama laying behind

May the joy of Jesus fill your heart during this season of celebrating our risen Lord and King.

Happy Easter!

God bless you,