March Ministry Update

Greetings from Amsterdam,

This month I am blessed to share a story of life transformation. I met Ajit about 8 years ago at his sister’s birthday party in Amsterdam North. She had asked me to pray for him and her family members.

In my November/December ministry update I had asked for prayer for Ajit after hearing the exciting news about his decision to open his heart to the love of Jesus. Over the past few months it’s been amazing to see him growing in his faith. I asked him if he’d be willing to share about his journey of faith.

From Ajit’s heart to yours

Where should I start? I think my journey with/towards Jesus started a long time ago. However, I truly started following Him in November. God chose me to join Him.

In November I was as broken as could be. A bit less than half my life I felt empty and alone, depression, low self-esteem and drug/alcohol abuse were controlling my life. My relationship with my girlfriend (with whom I had lived together with for two years) had fell apart a few months prior. It was a dark time.

My worth was measured by what others thought of me. The lie that everything would be okay eventually (without change) was something I believed in. At a certain point I was so sick of my life and realized I could not live like this anymore.

God spoke to me. I felt this strong desire to talk to the pastor at Amsterdam50 (my church). My life was broken, I just started my 4th university bachelor (without finishing the previous ones) and I hadn't been going to class for the last two months. I came clean to John (my pastor). I told him about the shame and guilt that I felt, the feeling of being a failure. I didn't dare tell my family that I screwed up with school and was dealing with alcohol and drugs problems, it all seemed hopeless. John encouraged me to come clean with my sisters, mother and brother-in-law.

After I came clean to my family they were very understanding and were willing me to help me with my problems. That day I quit drinking and smoking weed. I prayed with my sister to invite the Holy Spirit into my life, and little by little I started to pick up my life again. Immediately that Monday I got a diagnosis from my psychologist (who I had been seeing on and of for a couple of years). Finally I knew what was wrong with my thinking, which was the beginning of Gods work in my life.

I got involved with the church and joined a community small group. I shared all my darkest sins with my pastor and with God. This weight fell from my shoulders. Slowly I started to feel joy again. Instead of quitting school (which I was contemplating) I decided to carry on. Now 4 months later I am scoring grades that are at the top of my class. I asked God to help me with school and of course he delivered.

Everyday I am learning more about God and he is blessing me with the wisdom I need. Sin does not control my life anymore. Self-hatred has vanished and God's love and grace have replaced it. Who am I to judge myself, God loves me and He will complete this work to perfection. I have learned to go to God no matter what, in joy, in sadness, in sin. There is nothing I can do that Jesus didn't already pay for, but for what Jesus did for me I turn my back to sin.

I am forever grateful that He gave me life! I had a change of heart, no longer is my worth measured by earthly things, but by the fact that God loves us, wants to bless us and will never forsake us. He is never far from my mind and He is always with me. I am so grateful for all the prayers and love I have received. Me coming to Christ has been an answer to many prayers, especially my mothers. I would like if you would pray for my mother Agnes. Her life has not been an easy one. Please pray that God blesses her with comfort, strength and joy.

Let us all pray for the broken souls that are still out there, that God may shine His light on them, reveal Himself and pull them out of the darkness. Praise God, I almost can't believe what God has achieved in my life in just 4 months. Pray that I may always trust Him no matter what.

Please pray for Ajit’s new life in Christ, for his protection from the evil one’s attacks and for the following prayer points from Ajit:

  • That my studies go well (Computing/Computer Science), and that I will use all the tools that I gain for God's work.
  • That the desires of my flesh become less and that the Holy Spirit leads me.
  • That I may learn to hear God in which ever way He decides to speak to me.
  • That the Holy Spirit always guides me in difficult conversations (with unsaved people) about my faith.
  • That I always put Him first over all else.

Family News

The end of March, early April I will be enjoying vacation with my parents here in the Netherlands. I have greatly appreciated your prayers over the past 20 months for their health which has improved/stabilized enough in order for them to journey cross continental for a visit with me on this “side of the pond” after nearly 11 years.

That’s right… they were here in 2004, about 9 months after I originally moved here, and we spent a week visiting with relatives in Germany and Austria. Now on this trip they’ll be able to see the apartment where I’ve been for the past 8+ years and also meet my cats who are nearly 8 years old. I cannot describe my enthusiasm for being able to spend precious time together and share more of my life here in Amsterdam with my parents. Truly a blessing!

My father’s recent PET scan and blood work indicated the lymphoma remains in remission. We are so thankful to the Lord for this! He continues to be challenged, however, with weak muscles in his upper legs.

Please pray:

  • that the necessary walking (without having a vehicle and bike riding not a good choice for my parents) around Amsterdam will go well, especially with some walking sticks a friend is allowing my dad to use.
  • for a deep time of connection and special conversations
  • for a special time together with my mother’s cousin from Austria who will be visiting with us for a few days
  • that we’ll have sunny days with little rain while they are here
  • for special memories to be made

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers. It’s such a delight to be united and a part of building God’s Kingdom with you.

All for His glory,