I greet you from Amsterdam with a “thankful” heart,

May the message of Thanksgiving — giving, sharing, harvesting blessing, acknowledging others needs, and enjoying the provision of good food — fill all of your lives this time of year.

I would like to fill you in on the Social Justice Focus that our church experienced this fall:

Human Trafficking and Prostitution:

In late September, one of the recent new teachers was a young man sharing about his prior involvement in the trafficking of women for prostitution in Barcelona. He had never so publicly shared about his past life before he met Christ. His story opened up doors for us to dive more deeply into the subject of trafficking and prostitution in Amsterdam.

This city is so popularly known for its tolerance and legalization of prostitution, which makes it difficult to know what we can do to bring “light” into that dark place. There is a developing ministry through YWAM, called The Lighthouse, for anyone interested in this focus to volunteer to be a part of seeing spiritual wholeness for those working in the sex industry.

A few days after the teaching from Luke 7, we held a talk about human trafficking. There was a Q & A time with the man who shared openly at our worship gathering about his prior involvement with trafficking. In addition, a missionary who has been ministering in the Red Light District (RLD) for 3 years shared with us about the trafficking industry. Then we prayed in small groups for insight into how God would want us to be more involved, etc. Finally, a section of the evening was provided to bring more awareness about things we can do to work against the trafficking of women for sex-work.

Early in November a group of us met to pray for those involved in the sex industry and then took a prayer walk through the RLD.


  • Please pray that God will give us wisdom to know how to be involved as a church and as individuals, in setting captives free here in Amsterdam.
  • Thank you for the prayers that were requested in the October Update for my home group and our church regarding the transition we are making into “Communities” — groups of people with a like-minded focus on a sub-culture here in Amsterdam. We’ve experienced God leading and directing even though it is and has been a long process. Please keep praying!
  • Please continue to lift up the Servant Leadership Council as we continue to do our best in leading Amsterdam50. Those serving on the Council are: Eric, Michael, Eva, Patricia, Kor, Sokol, Marc, Jen & me

We especially could use prayer for wisdom in decision making for the church’s transition as well as knowing how to best support and coach the current Home Group leaders and future Community initiators.

Giving thanks for you, your prayers, and your financial giving,