November Ministry Update 2006

Giving Praise and Thanks!

This particular month always brings a deep sense of gratefulness to my heart... for so many things, including my relationship with the Lord Jesus, God’s goodness, family, friends, the work God has called me to through missions, life experiences, God’s amazing provision even in the midst of often trying times, etc. etc.

Community Praise:

This month our church was blessed to have Eric Asp and Todd Watkins publicly recognized through pastoral ordination. This has been an exciting time for our young community to witness the lives of these two men grow in leadership as they’ve shepherded our church.

Eric and Todd have undergone a thorough process over the past two years, in accordance with the guidelines of the Great Commission movement. For the past four years they have demonstrated the pastoral qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 and 1 Peter 5 and been affirmed in this role.

Personal Praise:

First, God has provided me with a new place to live; although I was unable to buy- the banks required a HUGE down payment. It’s not easy finding housing in this city especially with my desire to be within a 15-minute bike ride of our new ministry location, plus wanting to have some outside space (balcony), and a place of my own for this next phase of life in order to more fully use my apartment for ministry and also as a place of refuge. The Lord completely provided… Thank you, Lord, and THANK YOU for praying!!!!

Secondly, for those who have known me for a while, you know that I’ve dealt with ongoing hip and left leg pain and discomfort since the Spring of 1999. And, upon moving to Amsterdam 3 years ago it got extremely worse. Well, ever since this summer (being home on furlough, which included training for and hiking into the Grand Canyon) I have had very little to no discomfort!!!! I’m getting teary-eyed as I think of this answer to prayer... Praise the Lord for healing!!! And, please pray it stays this way.

In September, I joined an Ultimate Frisbee City League, playing on Monday nights. Yes, that’s right -- me, running, throwing, playing a team sport — there is a glorious feeling in my soul for this pleasure. I am extremely grateful! Over the past few months I’ve been gradually adding exercise including jogging in a nearby park once a week or so. Oh, the JOY!!

Gratefully yours,