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Great Commission Ministries — High School Ministry, Orlando

November 2001

40-Day Challenge Results

The “Yes, I believe in God" 40-day Challenge was a huge success. Thank you for your prayers. The daily assignments provided opportunities for the students to meet new friends at school, pray together around the flag pole (over 200 at one high school), and reach out to classmates as well as people in the community through service projects and random acts of kindness (RAK days).

We celebrated the completion of the 40 days on Sunday, October 28th where several hundred teens and adults gathered at a local church to worship God, share testimonies, pray and take communion together. In addition to the "Celebration", everyone’s 40-day "fast” was completed that day, which meant for some they consumed something [soda, french fries, chocolate, or sweets) or listened to secular music/radio or played Nintendo for the first time in 40 days. One young lady chose to fast one hour of sleep all 40 days, so she got up at 5:30 every morning to spend an hour reading her bible and praying before school. She was thrilled with how her relationship with God grew during this time.

Please pray that these students will continue to reach out to their classmates and impact their school: Becca, Amy, Valerie, Andy, Will, Daniel, Amanda, Stephanie and Katelyn

Campus News

** Orange County offers a mentoring program called COMPACT. Three adult volunteers with our high school ministry and I are participating in this program. We mentor our student one time a week for 30-90 minutes on campus and have the option to meet with them outside of school as well.

Please pray that our impact in the girls’ lives will ultimately bring eternal results. Students we are mentoring: Brittany, Jackie, Patti and Jennifer

** I have been blessed with an opportunity to lead a bible study for 20 teen age girls over the next 4 weeks focusing on a manuscript called "Giftwrapped by God". The material is designed to help young women see biblically why God wants them to be pure and wait until marriage to have sex. The studies include:

  1. The Gift — reminding us how special we are in God’s eyes and how precious He has designed the gift of sex for our husband.
  2. Redeeming the Gift — if the “Gift" has been given away, or taken away, how to see and understand God’s redeeming love and healing.
  3. Guarding the Gift — in our sex-saturated society, how to be prepared to hold fast to personal convictions and biblical truth for God’s best for us.
  4. Satan’s Strategies for Stealing the Gift — we are battling an enemy (the devil) every day when it comes to our decisions. This section will help us to be on guard.

Please pray that God would instill His love and desire for purity in the girl’s hearts through this study.


  • September 28-30th I attended and co-emceed the GCM National Women's Conference in Lexington, Kentucky. The weekend was filled with great fellowship, wonderful speakers and tremendous/challenging insight into our "worship" of God. l was blessed through my interaction with featured keynote speaker, Linda Dillow, who co-authored the book we are using in the girl's bible study mentioned above.
  • Many of you have been praying over the past 2 1/2 years in regards to my left hip injury. Since March 2001, I have experienced only slight discomfort occasionally. Unfortunately, in the past 3 weeks I have dealt with some fairly intense pain and discomfort. I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you kindly.

Be blessed abundantly,