October Ministry Update 2010

Greetings from Amsterdam,

I’m on the ground running after having returned 2 weeks ago. It’s been great being back despite the inclement weather and being sick the first week. There have been a few pretty leaves (but nothing like northern Indiana a few weeks ago!) and yet also a lot of rain, hail, winds, etc. The 2 photos below were taken from my apartment window about 10 minutes apart:

(Above) enough dimed sized hail fell in about 3 minutes to begin pooling on the car’s windshield wipers and then (below) out came the sun….

...that’s Holland!

In this ministry update I would appreciate your prayers for the following 3 items:


I recently undertook further blood testing for a thyroid issue which surfaced earlier this summer. It appears to be stable at the moment, thank goodness. I appreciate your prayers for good care and follow up.

Being reunited with my cats has been special. Thank you for your prayers for them while I was gone. They were very well taken care of! I took my boys, Akela and Rama, (28 pounds of fluff in a cat carrier strapped onto the back of my bike) to the Veterinarian for their annual vaccinations and they both checked out great.

Akela, photo above, continues to do well on the steroid treatment, which he has been on for 7 months so far, for the auto immune diseases. He is so active right now, which indicates he is feeling so much better! Please pray with me for his complete healing.


I had an encouraging experience during the 9 weeks of raising support in America recently. Thank you so much to those who gave to Great Commission Ministries while I was on furlough. I have felt very blessed by your generosity for the work I’m doing here in Amsterdam and I am extremely grateful for those new ministry partners who joined with GCM on my behalf. However, I still have a ways to go to reach my goals and to receive a full pay check.

In recalculating my support goal there was a large increase to the amount of monthly support needed mainly due to establishing an accurate assessment of the 41% taxes that I have to pay on my salary on this side of the ocean. Which means instead of trying to raise $500 in monthly support (the number I shared with you in the July update) I actually needed to be raising $750 in order to reach my goal. Therefore I still need to raise $510 in monthly support and there remains $2200 in special gifts to raise. Thank you for praying with me for the continued financial support to be raised within the next few months.

Serve the City

I have joined the Core Team of Serve the City in order to get more involved in this aspect of Social Justice in Amsterdam. This non-profit organization is on mission for:

Discovering that living means giving, and that it is very satisfying to help others, without expecting anything in return; Living without judging, believing the best about people, giving others the benefit of the doubt; Being part of a community that reaches out to the smallest needs and engages with the greatest threats; and Performing simple and surprising acts of kindness which spread throughout the city like ripples in water. The Dream is to spread “Serve the City” all over the world.

My current roles are promoting and recruiting for the upcoming project days, which are December 21st and January 8th. You can watch a less than 4 minute promotional video clip for the Serve the City Christmas Edition here. Please pray for our success in securing 40 projects and 100 volunteers for December and 10 projects, 40 volunteers for the January Serve the City. In addition, I’m involved with promoting a “Classics for the City” Concert Fundraiser for Serve the City which will take place December 4th. For those interested, tickets at: www.crossnotes.wordpress.com.

Thank you for your prayers!

For His Glory,