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October 2005 Prayer Letter

Update from Linda in Amsterdam

Prayers of the Righteous…..(that’s you!)

For me personally --

Thank you for praying. The past 12 weeks have been very challenging since the loss of my dear cat, Bagheera. I’m still grieving and yet, have definitely sensed the power of answered prayer as God’s comfort has been supernaturally present in the process. The beginning of November may be especially difficult, because her birthday is on the 3rd, and the 4th will signify the day we arrived in the Netherlands 2 years ago. If you think to pray during that time I would be very grateful.

On a 2 day retreat in the dense woods of eastern Holland (Apeldoorn), I found myself strolling through beautiful stillness, surrounded by amazingly fresh fragrances, lost in empty thought, and then I came to a crossroads. At that moment I was reminded of the many times in life God changed my path or direction. Instead of forging ahead I felt compelled to sit down and place a long sweet piece of grass between my teeth. While literally sitting in the middle of the crossroads, I was contemplating where the Lord might be leading. All around me I suddenly realized there were pieces of nature displaying a picture of what I need in my life for direction:

First, perseverance, like the ants that were blazing a trail diagonally across the 2 roads, on a mission, no obstacle seemed too big, some went under, some climbed over, they carefully move out of each other's way. Then, slowly piercing through the quietness a distinct pecking noise was beginning to echo through the woods. The Holy Spirit was telling me to work like the woodpecker being determined to find something deep inside. Finally, as I peered upwards delighting in the beautiful contrast of the deep evergreens and the blue sky, I sensed God wanted me to be peacefully placed in His arms like the 70+ long pinecones hanging daintily from the top of the highest pine tree, while snuggled in it's branches.

Please pray for God to clearly direct my life and for me to be willing to rest in His arms while pursuing a deeper understanding of the circumstances that surround me and the life He has called me to.

“A man’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand his own way?” Proverbs 20:24

For the youth in West Amsterdam --

Thank you for praying. The Athletes in Action project in De Aker was a huge success!! All week our team saw God answering prayers, from our team dynamics, to one-on-one discussions with kids, to the Lord holding back rain… it was so cool! Two 11 year old boys prayed to ask Jesus to come into their hearts and many, many seeds were planted in all of the young people through conversations, living examples, personal testimonies, and dramas.

A local newspaper submitted this article and photo (a scene in the drama where Jesus is being nailed to the cross. I’m one of the women on the left crying at his feet – closest to the kids)

English translation: “Sports with a Mission - Young people play out a drama of the story of Jesus Christ on the Scheg sports field. Last week sports people from all over the country were in Osdorp to give free sports clinics to children and youth in soccer, volleyball and basketball. The week was organized by the Christian sports organization, Athletes in Action. The breaks during the daily clinic were focused around the Christian faith. The small children watched dramas and the older youth could listen to personal testimonies.”

For the financial ministry team for Great Commission Ministries --

Please prayerfully consider your partnership in what God is doing in Amsterdam, not only through your prayers, but also in giving financially. Currently, I need to raise $950 in monthly support in order to receive a full pay check. Please contact me with questions if you desire to increase your regular giving, begin to support GCM regularly or give a special gift. Thanks for all you do!

May God bless you abundantly,