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“You are kind, Lord, so good and merciful. You protect ordinary people, and when I was helpless, You saved me and treated me so kindly that I don't need to worry anymore.” - Psalm 116:5-7

In this update I would like to highlight an individual from Amsterdam, Steven Wiegman. He became a Christian a few years ago and was baptized through Zolder50. Steven has been in my small group for the past year. He loves the Lord and desires to live his life for Christ despite the challenges he faces in this world. He initiated writing a note to you, my ministry partners:

Dear reader, I am Steven from Amsterdam in Holland and it is a joy and a privilege for me to recommend Linda Kitchen and her ministry to you, our overseas brothers and sisters.

Linda is co-leading the homegroup I joined, and I know her as someone whose heart belongs to Jesus and who cares about people. It is evident to me that God is using Linda to do His work in dark Amsterdam, bringing young people the hope of the gospel and being an example for many, in good times and in bad times.

As a new Christian I don't want to sound meaningless or fashionable in a Christian way when I say dark Amsterdam, so let me try to explain what I mean by that to picture Linda's mission field.

Holland is known in the world for its progressive attitude and our policies are among the most liberal in the world. The sale and use of recreational drugs has been tolerated for decades and prostitution is legalized. Holland has allowed same-sex marriage, the first country to do so and Holland was also the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia.

Being born in Amsterdam in a broken family, not knowing the gospel and being extremely liberal and progressive, I was lost and lived like it. I was far away from God, but after many years of denying God and living with a hardened heart I met these missionary Americans in Amsterdam who were passionate about Jesus and brought God's love.

Since being brought into God's family I have seen miracles of God in my life and other’s lives and found out that most changes happen through the slow process of building up and sustaining healthy relationships and to humbly share God's love and Word. 

Linda is a great mentor and it is so powerful to me that my Christian life after a strong conversion is stabilized with people given to me like Linda who have grown up knowing our Lord. Linda's personality and who she is in Christ makes me want to live out the Christian life more and follow up on what I believe and am committed to.

Our community in Amsterdam would still be centered on Jesus even without Linda, but her input and presence is of great value to our community and the city. Hopefully Linda will get the opportunity to continue her mission work here. Slowly the political and social climate is changing. Prostitution and drugs are less tolerated than ever before and people are getting more interested spiritually. There is more work to do. God is making changes in Amsterdam.

May you all know the deep satisfaction of having made a difference here through your ministry partnership with Linda!


Thanks for your support, love and prayers.
 In Christ,
Steven Wiegman

In August I received an e-mail “Praise Report” from Steven, who spends a lot of time sharing his faith with people. Steven writes:

One of the worst mockers I know has come to faith! For over a year I have been discussing faith and the Bible with him and it seems that he has turned around. I was a bit skeptical and told him that and he said he could understand that. God is good, prayers do work!

If you’d like to send Steven a word of encouragement, this is his e-mail: stevar69@gmail.com

Let’s all pray for our new brother in Christ, H Geest. May the Lord protect him as he begins his new life with God. My furlough is over 2/3 finished and I’m eager to return to Amsterdam, although there is still some support raising work to finish for Great Commission Ministries here in America. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Many Blessings in Christ,