September/October Ministry Update

Early October in the beautiful western Allegany Mountains in SW New York State.

Greetings from America,

Yes, that’s right, I’m not currently in Amsterdam, but still in America where I’ve been traveling since August 16th on furlough. However, I will be flying back over the Atlantic on October 25th.

Back in the US after 2 years:

I am privileged to be working for a mission organization, Great Commission Ministries, which encourages their International missionaries to return home every 2 years in order to reconnect with family and friends and to provide personal updates to ministry partners while raising financial support.

Thank you to all the friends and ministry partners who welcomed me into your homes, providing meals, beds and fellowship.

In this update I will simply share a reflection of what has transpired over the past 2 1/2 months. Enjoy!

The impact of my time in America on ministry partners:

Being able to hang out with Linda for a weekend while she was in the states was so refreshing! Our partnership in ministry goes back to our college days and it is incredible to look back and realize I was witnessing a missionary in training.  Now after all these years of reading prayer letters and knowing she was accomplishing much for the Lord, I finally was able to experience her heart and spirit as she passionately shared her vision, responsibilities and life.  I feel so much more a part of what God is doing in Amsterdam...... we really are still partners after 30 years!

Ann, Bellville, Ohio

We were privileged to have Linda visit us for a weekend during her recent time in the United States.  We are a small western New York State community with a Dutch heritage so it was meaningful with a renewed enthusiasm to hear of her mission work in the Netherlands. One evening she spoke to our youth group, "Teens on Fire", and according to the youth leaders, Linda's ability to relate to them was inspirational and challenging and "just what they needed to hear."

Lucille, Clymer, New York

Results of 10 weeks of travel America:

3435 dollars raised for special gifts [55% of goal -for furlough travels, support raising expenses, Dec ’12 Kenya mission trip and 2013 Europe missionary retreat ]

2200 miles (+/-) traveled by car during the 5 weeks of being in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and New York State

550 photo prayer cards handed out in person or sent in the mail

333 dollars in monthly support raised [1/3 of goal so far- for lapsed regular support over the past 2 years]

75 (+/-) Field Hockey Alumni and friends at Ball State University I was able to connect with on a Saturday in September

71 appointments and special connections with individual ministry partners or potential ministry partners

18 different places where I’ve slept (a few of which I visited more than once)

16 church or small group (youth) presentations about the missions work I’m doing

13 states in America that I’ve traveled in and through [IN, IL, AZ, NM, TX, AL, FL, GA, NC, OH, PA, NY, MI]

13 flights: coming and going from Amsterdam, plus traveling around America [note: for most destinations 2 flights were needed]

7 states traveled specifically for support raising [Indiana, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York and Michigan]

7 days with my parents in northern Arizona — enjoyed cutting wood, hiking in the forest, Bearizona, Slide Rock,

A few of the family highlights: getting to meet Cameron (above) and hiking in Sedona (and going down Slide Rock) with Sarah and Heidi — my 2 youngest nieces (below).
and roof repairs

6 nieces and nephew I was able to spend some time with — always LOVE being with them!

3 siblings (and a sister-in-law and brother-in-law) I am blessed to have special relationships with — great being together!

2 rental cars (Texas — travels between Dallas and Wichita Falls; Florida — while in Orlando)

1 great nephew, Cameron Kessler, whom I was able to meet for the first time when he was 2 months old — precious boy!

1 car lent to me a special ministry partner in Angola, IN — Thank you for the incredible blessing, Rosalie!

1 hard drive replaced in my laptop

Needless to say, it’s been a very full and busy 10 weeks where I’ve had the joy of sharing with 100’s of people about the work that God has called me to in the Netherlands. Throughout the time I have been deeply encouraged by the Body of Christ in America through prayer and unity. Another big blessing has been the opportunity to be with many special friends and my dear family!

Thank you for praying with me for:

  • Smooth transition and adjustment back to life in Amsterdam
  • God’s guidance and direction for the continued development of Dutch and European leaders within Amsterdam50
  • The remaining financial support to be raised [$670 a month]
  • Rest and rejuvenation after a tiring (and yet encouraging) furlough
  • Wise and effective supervision of the GCM NL missionary team
  • Deep, loving, caring spirit reflecting God’s love in all I do
  • To fall more in love with Jesus every day.

Together we are building His Kingdom here on earth.

All for His Glory,