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The Ministry

Why Amsterdam?

400,000 between ages of 18-30
International community
Only 49 % Dutch in the city center
140 different languages spoken
1-3% evangelical


God continues to attract young Dutch and Internationals to the Amsterdam50 church. During both the Sunday worship gathering as well as in our small group communities the gospel is powerfully spoken and New Testament community is being lived out.

Many Dutch and Europeans have never been exposed to "church" except for attending a funeral or walking into the large Cathedrals which now hold exhibits or function as a museum or café. Certainly they haven’t witnessed Christian community before which seems to be quite a magnet for why they continue coming back.

Suzy was one of those who had never attended a church service before I met her many years ago (on Easter in 2004). From that moment she was on a beautiful journey seeking God and considering what it might mean to put her faith in Jesus. She felt comfortable enough to have numerous conversations about what belief in God meant, as well as committing to a small group which she attended on a weekly basis. It was a joy to watch Suzy grow, become more inquisitive and take her spiritual life seriously. In late 2006, she put her faith in Jesus and in April 2007 while on a mission trip she was baptized in a Cambodian river. She said she was "burning the ship of going back to atheism”. God and Jesus is now her King.

God is moving in this culture and drawing many to Himself. Please pray for these young hearts!